Norquist Air Partners

The company structure provides for effective project, personnel and financial management. The four Divisions; Sheet Metal, Service, Residential Construction and Commercial Services are each operated as individual profit centers with division supervisors responsible for project management and customer service.

Our knowledgeable employees allow Norquist to enjoy significant market-share in the areas of new commercial construction, retrofit, residential remodel, industrial, commercial and residential service and repair markets. Our sheet metal division provides architectural and special metal needs for our residential, commercial and industrial projects. The sheet metal division stands on its own in design and fabrication of decorative metal items such as light sconces, metal-clad doors, hoods and canopies.

Tenney A Norquist’s involvement in industry-wide organizations provides current industry trends and political information regarding the construction industry. Tenney A. Norquist is an active member in:

RSES Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
CEA California Employers Association
SPIE Stanislaus Partners In Education
WFIB Work Force Investment Board

Norquist mechanics and technicians participate in career training for the local Junior High and High Schools. We are members of advisory boards in local industrial technical schools and High School vocational programs. Our involvement allows us to plan for the future and guarantee our customers a trained workforce.

Tenney A. Norquist continues looking forward to serving its customers with good workmanship and excellent service.