The Norquist Air Residential sector is ready to take on any project. After being founded in 1957, Tenney A. Norquist has spent decades building a reputation for trust and excellent service. Equipped with the latest technology, the team at Norquist Air can offer energy efficient solutions that will not sacrifice comfort. We always look forward to working with new members of the community. The heating and air conditioning system we specially design is sure to provide comfort for years to come.


In the Norquist Air Commercial sector, we design and install: heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for single and multi-story buildings. We execute plans and specifications as well as design-build projects. The objective with each project is to improve comfort, reduce total ownership costs, protect air quality, and simplify the maintenance process.

Sheet Metal

Norquist Sheet Metal is designed to be durable and meticulously crafted to the correct specifications, becuase we understand that poor metalwork can often lead to big problems down the road. We offer residential, commercial and industrial architectural sheet metal services.

Architectural sheet metal products are available in many different metals, finishes and pre-finished materials. The methods used in creation are cost-effective, which means a better price for the end-user. Whatever your sheet metal needs may be, Norquist is the right choice.



Norquist Air Industrial is prepared to manage a complete system design or a modification of your current one. You can be sure that our work will be compatible with the needs of your building. With almost 60 years of experience under our belt, choose Norquist Air with confidence when deciding your industrial needs.